Power: Season 2 Recap

*Spoiler Alert: if you are not up to date on season 2 of Power don’t read this post* 

If you are like myself, and millions of other loyal viewers, you are anxiously and nervously waiting for tomorrow night’s season finale of the Starz television series, Power. Considering episode nine completely went insane, and for lack of better wording, shit hit the fan!

I jumped on the Power bandwagon a season later than everyone else. I constantly saw Facebook statuses and tweets from my friends and followers about the show, so I decided to watch the first episode On Demand on day this past spring. Let me tell you, it was a great decision, and I realized how great of a decision it was after the first episode. Funny story: when I called the DirecTV customer service about some issues, the customer service representative and I bonded talking about this show for a good 10 minutes before we got back on topic of fixing my bill haha.

This post won’t necessarily be a season recap, it will be more of a personal opinion character break down. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels torn between loving and hating majority of the characters on the show. Seriously…I get the whole people are complex blah blah blah stuff, but these characters are just dirty and aggravating. And yes, I get it’s a show about drug dealers and drug dealing, but it’s still super dirty lol.


Let’s go ahead and get this out-of-the-way: HE IS SO FINE AND CAN WEAR THE HELL OUT OF A SUIT. Okay, outside of his looks, I can’t stand him about 85% of the time. I lose respect for any man who cheats on his wife, and jeopardizes his children’s home and understanding of relationships for a piece of a**. I also feel when we do wrong, wrong comes back to get us someway, somehow. Then he goes and does things like have Tommy’s back by getting him out of jail, and for the big one, letting Shawn go after he not only pulled a gun on him, but told him he was messing with his wife. Yeah, most people wouldn’t have let that scene end the way it did, but I guess it’s the only way to keep viewers like myself from hating Ghost 100% of the time.


He is as CRAZY as they come, but one thing I will give him is how loyal he is to Ghost. Even when I believed Ghost and Angela set him up to get arrested he refused to snitch on Ghost. He also said this directly to his own drugged out Mom in the interrogation room. As crazy and shady as he can be towards everyone else on the show, I believe he serves the perfect purpose of being the ride or die, right hand man. However, according to tomorrow’s preview, it looks like there may be some trouble in paradise for Ghost and Tommy.


I can’t stand her and I haven’t liked her since the beginning. Before I even new details about her, she was so whiny and  not supportive towards her husband. Not only was she not supportive, she laughed in his face at the idea of him wanting to be legit and start making money legally. How dare he, right? (insert eye roll here) To make matters even worse, before Ghost even started talking to Angela, Tasha was cheating on him with all of her inappropriate gestures and tactics towards, Shawn. Then when she found out about Angela (through the man she was cheating on her husband with) she was extra dramatic like she was a faithful angel. Ummm…NO.


She’s a user (Greg, Ghost, Nomar etc.) Oh, and she’s a home wrecking whore who deserves nothing but misery for breaking up a home. The end.


They didn’t have to try very hard to make us hate him did they? I mean, what is there to like about him? However, I will say that his anger is not misplaced considering he spent many years in prison thanks to Ghost and Tasha setting him up. Now, with that said, the speech Shawn gave him about being an “old bitter thug” was more than accurate. His hatred is way beyond Ghost and Tasha. He’s simply not a good person and I don’t like anything about him.


Poor Shawn. Poor, poor, naive and non-street smart, Shawn. I have a few questions: why would he think he had it in him to kill Ghost? Did he think this love affair with Tasha was going to work out with them being one big happy family? Why would he go talk sh*t to a man (Kanan) who he knows has no remorse for his own life let alone anyone else’s? Why didn’t he just get out of New York like Ghost told him too? Whatever the answers to these questions may be, I hope Kanan dies a slow terrible death for killing his child in cold blood.


I think she ended up being exactly who we expected her to be from the very beginning. It was evident she did nothing but stir up trouble wherever she goes, and Tommy fell for all of it. Siiigh. I wonder if she will reappear at all next season out of hiding as “Monica?” I personally hope she stays far away before Tommy kills her himself, and because she’s annoying lol.


I don’t quite know how I feel about him. I can’t tell if he’s playing along with Kanan in wanting to kill Ghost or if he’s pretending he agrees for other reasons? I get Kanan set it up to make Dre approach Ghost about his getting out the hood tactics, but part of me wonders if he’ll be an unexpected ally of Ghost when the craziness goes down in the season finale. Hmm…

I’m even more ready for tomorrow’s episode and will definitely go through Saturday night Power TV withdrawals until season 3 comes out. Hopefully they don’t make us wait too long for season 3! Thankfully most of my fall television shows come back next month to keep me occupied :-). How do you think tomorrow night’s season finale will end? Leave a comment with your episode 10 predictions!

To end the post on a great note, here is a picture of Ghost being the fine man he is ;-).

Happy Friday!




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