Post Election 2016 Cure: Wine Shop At Home!

Today is November 9th, 2016 which means the American Presidential election happened yesterday. I may, or may not have downed an entire bottle of wine, while watching the last two hours of the election results, last night. I also may, or may not have drunk directly from the bottle. It was a stressful last few months, it was an extremely stressful night last night, and I’m finally coming down from the stress a little bit today. I share all of this because I would like to think I found the cure to election season stress: WINE.

Okay, to be clear, wine is always the answer. However, the key to pre- and post- Election Day stress is drinking an entire bottle of wine to yourself, directly from the bottle, no questions asked. If you don’t do it this way then you’re doing it wrong and it won’t work. 😉

In all seriousness, this post is to share with you about my new business endeavor. As of last week I am officially a wine consultant for: Wine Shop At Home. My friend, Charelle, is a consultant and she brought me on board. Considering I love wine, I figured, how could this be wrong? Lol. But I honestly joined to learn more about wine while in the process of selling it and growing my own business. I tend to like wine specifically for dessert reasons. I’m hoping to learn more details about how to pair wine with certain foods and understand what goes into the different tastes of each unique bottle.

With Thanksgiving being in two-ish weeks, and Christmas a little over a month away, this would be the perfect time to order some wine for your Thanksgiving dinner, or buy wine for awesome Christmas presents. You can order gift baskets, stem ware, or even personalize bottles of wine for your loved ones. (I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited about the personalized wine bottles LOL) I will also start doing wine parties soon, and would love to set a few of them up for my family and friends, to share with their extended family and friend circles.

I will showcase a new wine on my, Instagram and Twitter accounts every Wednesday, starting next week Wednesday, November 16th, with the hashtag #WineWednesday.

In the mean time, order wine, share wine, drink wine, and be merry! Here is my website for those of you who would like it to copy and paste into a new tab or browser:

Happy Wine Wednesday people!


Brie <3


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