Nina Simone – Four Girls

Doing some late blogging tonight because I’ve had Nina Simone on my mind lately. I’ve been listening to her music a little more than usual the last few days and decided to look her up. This upcoming Sunday would have been her 83rd birthday. Maybe this is why she’s been on my mind a little more than usual? Whatever it may be, I’m more than okay with it, because how can you go wrong with more Nina Simone in your life?

One of my favorite songs by her is “Four Women” because it reminds me of the beauty in Black diversity and how strong Black women are and always have been since the beginning of time. I especially loved the remake of this particular song by: Jill Scott, Kelly Price, Marsha Ambrosius and Ledisi at the Black Girls Rock award show in 2011.

If you get a chance to listen to this song tonight really take in the words and vocal abilities of the late Ms. Simone. I hope it inspires you to go listen to more of her amazing work to reacquaint yourself or introduce you to her music. Either way, enjoy it, and have a great rest of your night.

Brie <3


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