My Top 5 Halloween Movies

Once Fall has arrived I get excited, because Fall is clearly the best season. But I get even more excited for the HOLIDAYS! To get in the holiday spirit I will share my top 5 favorite Halloween movies to watch during October. I start watching my Halloween movies on October 1st, and not a day earlier. It has sort of become a ritual of mine. Let me know if any of these movies made your top Halloween movies list too!

5.  Beetlejuice



4. Casper



3. The Addams Family (both of them)

Addams Family Values









 2. Halloween




1. Hocus Pocus


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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Halloween Movies

  1. Practical Magic, Witches, Bettlejuice, Hocus Pocus, both Adams Family, an old movie called Monsters Club and almost any vampire and werewolf movie LOL . Love those movies.

    1. I like Practical Magic too! 🙂

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