Mr. Sandman

Today is Monday, October 24th, which means we’re exactly a week away from Halloween. With all of the Halloween festivities and parties going on throughout this week and upcoming weekend I can’t help but to get excited for some Halloween movie themed movie nights. 

As you know from Friday’s blog post, Halloween and Michael Myers, are some of my Halloween favorites. In addition to Michael Myers already having creepy theme music, the first Halloween movie starts off with this song, Mr.Sandman, playing. Every since I’ve watched Halloween this song creeps me out and makes me think of that opening scene. I told my Grandma this a few months back and she said “that’s a beautiful song it’s not creepy at all!” I’m sure it was a beautiful song before Halloween made it a creepy one for me LOL.

My present to you all the week before Halloween is getting to listen to the creepy song along with me. You can even do one better and watch the movie right after or before listening to it for the full package. Ha! Happy Music Mania Monday people.

Brie <3


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