Mexican Brunch Tacos

I love Mexican food. It is one of my absolute favorite types of food. However, the calorie count in Mexican food doesn’t always agree with my cleaner eating/less calorie lifestyle I’ve been living the last few months. I was so hungry for lunch, and was craving Mexican food, so I decided to whip up one of my favorite brunch dishes using my Mexican ingredients. One of my favorite breakfast meals is eggs and chorizo, and I thought to myself “why not make this a breakfast meal into tacos for lunch?” That’s exactly what I did! Although the ingredients aren’t the most healthy, the important part is paying attention to serving sizes to keep it within the 400 calorie or less meal for the day.


You will need:

1/2 serving of chorizo (approx. 1.3 oz. or 1/6 of the chorizo tube)

2 corn tortillas

1 slice thinly cut swiss cheese (or cheese of your choice)

2 Tbsp salsa

1 large/jumbo egg

1/4 cup onions chopped

3/4 cup quartered mushrooms

1/4 cup cilantro

1/2 Tbsp olive oil or Pam cooking spray

half of an apple for dessert 🙂


Heat a small skillet on medium high heat for about 2 minutes. Add half of your olive oil to the pan and brown your tortilla to your liking. Once you have flipped the tortilla place half of your swiss cheese on top as the other side browns so it can melt. You will do the same thing for the other tortilla and place them both on the plate you plan to serve the meal on.


Cook your chorizo following the directions on the package. Once the chorizo has almost cooked all the way through, add your veggies to the pan, and sautee them with the chorizo until they start to soften. Add any spices you want EXCEPT SALT. (To keep our salt intake at a healthy level, the meal will be naturally salted by the chorizo, cheese, and salsa. You can also add hot sauce which adds salt and zero calories.) These are the spices I used. I like a little spice 🙂


Once your chorizo and veggies have cooked for about 2-3 minutes, add your egg to the pan to cook as well. You can whisk the egg separately in a bowl before adding it to the pan, or you can crack it directly in the pan and scramble as you mix it into the chorizo and veggies. When the eggs are done cooking to your liking, add the egg, chorizo, and veggie mix to your cheese covered tortilla.


Top your tacos with one tablespoon of salsa on each taco and ENJOY! Oh, and don’t forget some yummy fruit to fix your sweet tooth after your meal 🙂

Brie <3

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