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Being a military wife (United States Air Force) is pretty awesome…most of the time. My family and I are blessed for my husband’s career field, because we don’t have to worry about him deploying. (Shout out to all of the military families waiting for loved ones to come back home. You all are the strongest people ever, and I will continue to pray for your families) One of the hardest parts of being a military family, is making amazing friends, and eventually having to say “goodbye” to those friends once we move to different bases.

Don’t get me wrong, moving to different bases every few years, is both a blessing and a curse, of being in the military. Obviously, the curse of moving every few years, is having to leave amazing people and the place you most recently called home the last 4 years. The blessing of moving every few years is having the opportunity to live in so many great states and countries this world has to offer. In addition to living in many places, there is the greatest part of it all, which is meeting so many amazing people who become lifelong friends. Outside of knowing awesome people, it also means we have cool places to see and people to visit for vacations 🙂

This post was triggered by us having to goodbye to some great friends a few days ago. Thankfully, we will get to see them in September when we go visit them in D.C. I was also running errands around town this weekend, and passed a few homes our friends used to live in. There was an instant sense of nostalgia and sadness when I looked at these houses and thought about there being strangers in them now, who have no clue the memories their home holds. If they’re lucky, their memories will be just half as awesome as ours.

I’m sure our day(s) of being the friends people have to say goodbye to will be sooner than later. But in the meantime, we’ll hold it down in Big Sky Country, and look forward to creating more memories with the framily (friends who become family) we have here, before we have to say “goodbye” ourselves. However, to all of our friends who have since left and moved on to their new journeys at their new bases, we hope you love your new home and your new friends! Although, nobody can compare to the Jamiesons as friends, right? 😉

Until the day comes where we all officially settle in to our forever homes/hometowns, we will just keep passing through the military life, making forever friends in the process.

Happy Monday!





<3 Brie


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