Jordyn’s 1st Snow Adventure

Yesterday evening the weather here in Montana was finally above freezing passed 5pm. This means we were able to finally take Jordyn out to play in the snow for the first time, ever. Man oh man, did she enjoy herself! We were curious if she was going to like it at all (confused, too cold, unimpressed etc.) but she LOVED it. It only took her less than 10 minutes to figure out what her favorite part was: eating the snow. The story behind her tasting the snow for the first time is pretty funny too. She was walking in a deeper part of the snow and fell forward. While lying face down in the snow she decided to give it a lick and the rest is history LOL.


Jordyn wasn’t the only “child” of ours who enjoyed running and playing in the snow either. Ares, was having the time of his life chasing after his ball and was rather confused at me throwing snow balls at him. Now that I think about it, so was Jordyn, because every time I threw a snow ball at her she gave me this look like “okaaay” then proceeded to eat the snow. I did however enjoy throwing snowballs at my husband. (And yes, I threw snowballs at my one and a half year old and the dog 😉 )

We hung out and played in the snow until little miss Jordyn’s cheeks (and nose) turned a nice rose color. However, if she would have had it her way we would’ve stayed out there for another two hours. She didn’t want to walk inside the house because she knew that meant play time was over haha. It’s supposed to snow again sometime this week. Hopefully the temperature stays above freezing again so we can go out there and play again.

snow 2

Have a great Tuesday evening everybody!

Brie <3



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