Jordyn is 11 Months Old!

This is my last official “monthly” blog post of, Jordyn, and I can’t believe how fast it has all happened. She was 4 months old when I started this blog. It’s all gone by so fast it almost seems like a blur. It was exactly one year ago, as of yesterday, I had my baby shower in Illinois, and here we are exactly one month from her first birthday. As sad as I am that my baby girl is growing so fast, I’m so happy and grateful she’s been blessed to grow so gracefully and lovingly. Here is a picture of her trying whipped cream for the first time…in case you can’t tell, she is definitely a fan!)


Today, we are leaving for our first official long distance road trip, by car. The hubby has to go to Salt Lake City for a class/training this week, and we’re tagging along, to not only get a break from Great Falls, but to spend some much needed quality time with our friends, the Jones’, who live in Utah. The Jones’ moved back to Utah a week and half before I went into labor with little miss Jordyn. This will be the first time they get to her, and she will finally get to meet them. I’m so excited all of our girls get to finally meet each other! 🙂

This last month, Jordyn has for sure found her feet. She hasn’t gotten brave enough to let go and walk on her own, but I swear this child is going for the world record of “fastest almost walking baby.” No, seriously, if you put her down at the table, and blink, she’s standing in front of the entertainment center giving you the “I’m innocent” look.

IMG_3311 Jordyn is at the age where she definitely knows who Daddy and Mommy are, as well as, enjoying mocking Daddy and Mommy. She has also become very vocal and uses hand motions to tell you when she does or doesn’t want something. Either way, no matter what emotion she may be feeling at the time, you can be sure it won’t be a secret.

As usual she looooves her big brother too. When she sees him walking towards her she gets the BIGGEST smile on her face. If he decides to give her some wonderful licks in the process, she giggles her little heart out. These two are the cutest double trouble you will ever see.


Jordyn went swimming for the first time last weekend and oh man does she love the water! She splashed and kicked the water until she was “all wrinkled” as Dennis the Menace would say. She swam with her BFF, Norah, who wasn’t the biggest fan of the water at first, but warmed up to it and enjoyed it herself.

Have I mentioned Jordyn LOVES music. This little girl will dance and shake her head to whatever song is playing. However, she REALLY boogies down to the theme songs for the shows “A Different World” ( the Aretha Franklin intro) and “Psych.” It is both adorable and hilarious to watch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the monthly series leading up to Miss Jordyn Denise’s first birthday. After her first birthday post/update, I will post Jordyn blog updates every 2-3 months, or share funny stories as they happen.

Say a prayer for safe travels to, around, and from Salt Lake City for us. See you all again in a month for the big, 1st birthday post!


Brie <3


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