Jordyn Denise: 2 Years 7 Months

Today, Jordyn is technically 2 years and 7 months old, but she’s close enough to 6 month mark to round down and tell people she’s 2 and a half, right? Either way, we’re rolling with saying “2 and a half” until a month before her 3rd birthday. Ha!

Anyway, I can’t believe it, but this year I will have a 3-year-old. How in the world does time fly so fast? Especially these days where she’s such an independent and intelligent little human being! My heart bursts with happiness some days watching her do every day activities, because I can’t believe how kind and smart she is, and continues to be. Christmas 2016 was a great one for Jordyn because she understood opening presents so much more this year. She received so much love during the holiday season since her Grandma Kim, and all three of her Aunties, spent both Christmas and NYE with us in Montana.


I started potty training Jordyn on January 9th and by January 11th she pretty much had it down. Talk about a smart toddler and making Mommy’s life easy, huh?! She’s been going regularly for about a week now and is still so proud of herself. When she’s done she jumps up and says “YAY JORDYN!” Lol. How cute is she? We’ve been working on counting to 30 and helping with more responsibilities around the house. When we grocery shop she helps carry bags in as she says to herself “I so strong” haha. She loves letting Ares in and out of the house to use the bathroom in the backyard, as well as, reminding us to give him his medicine. She loves to help vacuum and wipe her own spills around the house. She can answer the following questions too: “what is your full name?”; “where do you live?”; “when is your birthday?”; “what is Daddy’s name?”; “what is Mommy’s name?”; and “how do you spell your name?” (If you follow me on Instagram, yesterday, I added a video of her answering these questions. If you don’t, click here and go check it out!) I plan on introducing her to writing out letters and spelling words, next month. Since she started potty training earlier this month I don’t want to overload her with too much information. Each month my goal is to work with her on something new. She’s at the perfect age to retain information so I plan on giving her as much information as possible.


Did I mention Jordyn is hilarious? Without even trying she is hilarious. You add her father and the dog into the mix, and you have yourself a classic family reality show. Ha! I know everyone is biased about their own children, but I must say, Jordyn is an awesome child. Kris and I hit the jackpot when God chose us to be her parents. 


Happy Wednesday everybody!

Brie <3


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