Jesse Williams' BET Speech

This won’t be a  long blog post with personal life lessons or confessions. It’s the second Thursday of Black History Month, and I felt it necessary to share Jesse William’s amazing speech he gave at the BET Awards last summer for today’s, Throwback Thursday.

It is months later and this speech still rings true of what is happening and what we need to do to address and fix the broken pieces of this country. Even more so since January 20th, 2017. This speech, every time I see it makes me so damn proud to be Black, but especially a Black woman.

If you’ve watched the speech before: enjoy it again. It gets better each time you watch it. If you haven’t seen this speech before: you’re welcome. It’s the speech everyone in this country needs to hear and understand.

Happy Thursday folks and always remember…”just because we are magic does not mean we are not real.”- Jesse Williams.


Brie <3


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