January 20th, 2017: Good News!

If you’re feeling like most of us are feeling, today, we could all use some good news. I believe this entire week was a slow torturous countdown to this day. The band-aid was finally ripped off and here we are trying to see how long it’ll take this wound to heal…if it heals at all. 

I’ll be completely honest though, I was upset for about half an hour this morning, and I’ve since moved on. I’ve decided these next four years (hopefully sooner) I need to start putting more of my money where my mouth is. We can’t expect any President to “save us” from ourselves, but we sure as hell can work our behinds off to make the changes we want to see in this country. 

I was too busy, out and about, running errands with my daughter and the dog this morning to take any time to watch the Inauguration. I’m actually happy I decided to do this, because I honestly believe it protected me from feeling so much negativity, today. Not the type of feeling of wanting change because of racism, sexism, etc, but the negativity of watching something that doesn’t make me happy, for no good reason. I hope you all did something to make yourself happy as well. If you didn’t…here go some great things that happened today to brighten your January 20th, 2017!

House Of Cards (season 5) promo:


Not only did House of Cards finally drop a date for season 5, the entire promotion is perfect marketing for this day. It’s an eerie version of the Pledge of Allegiance with a dark, upside down, American flag, outside of the U.S. Capitol. Check out the promo here.

Obama.org (Presidential Center) announcement:


President and First Lady (I’m not ready to say “former” yet) Obama shared a video on their Obama Foundation page talking about their next moves post Presidency. They are asking for people to send them ideas and suggestions for the new Presidential Center in Chicago, IL. If you want to get involved and make a difference…here’s a good start!

Women’s March countdown:


The Women’s March on D.C. will be held tomorrow afternoon. Oh man, what a big deal and show of solidarity this will be. Not only will this march take place tomorrow, but over 250 sister marches all over the world will be taking place in solidarity with everyone in D.C. I’m so excited to march here in Montana tomorrow afternoon with two of my close friends. If you would like more details on the march and how you can get involved, click here.

Black-ish Spinoff:


It has been said there will be a spin-off show around Yara Shahidi’s character, Zoey, while she is in college. The inspiration for the show is my favorite show of all time A Different World. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS? I really hope it all works out and ends up being everything I imagine it can be!

National Cheese Day: 


I found this out on Twitter earlier this morning. It may seem trivial to some of you, but to me, it’s awesome, because y’all….I love cheese. Like, ridiculously love cheese. If I could add cheese to everything I eat I would. So…happy National Cheese Day y’all!

What good news what you like to share with all of us, today? It doesn’t have to be anything major just something that makes you happy. I will say this, even if none of these activities and events happened today; I woke up healthy, my loved ones are healthy, and life is good. 

Happy Friday folks! Have a fun and safe weekend! 


(Wishing my little one and I were in D.C. tomorrow so here’s a photo of us when we were there this past October)

Brie <3 


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