Jamieson Family Vacation 2016

Last month we went on a jam-packed family vacation to Illinois, Tennessee, Washington D.C./Virginia, and a brief stop in Indiana. It was three weeks filled of some much needed fun and love. We spent every single dime we saved plus some, by the time we got back home, so it’s safe to say we had a great time LOL. We spent the first week in Illinois, two days in Tennessee, five days in D.C./Virginia, and the remaining five-ish days in Illinois.

We got to see my beautiful little cousin get married on October 15th to my new cousin, Justin, and as anticipated, it was an amazing time. Jordyn was the adorable flower girl who made Mommy and Daddy so proud she walked down the aisle all by herself. She was saying “uh-oh” as she stepped on the flowers while walking down the aisle LOL. Then of course we partied hard as any family should at the reception. We were all so sore the following day from all the dancing we did.


We went to Knoxville, Tennessee as a mid way stop on our drive to D.C., and stayed with our awesome friends, the Hawkins. We all used to be based in Montana together (they were lucky enough to escape ha!) and we haven’t seen each other since 2014. Our babies finally got to meet and quickly became the best of friends. They took us around town for some good ol’ sight-seeing and Tennessee culture. We also got to hang with/meet one of Kris’ friends, Matt, and his sweet boys. It was an all around great time!


Those of you who know me well know I absolutely LOVE Washington D.C. If it was in my power we would live there. I love the city and surrounding areas. One of them being Alexandria, Virginia. Kris’ Dad a.k.a Jordyn’s “Dad-Dad” met us there for the last two days which made an amazing trip even better. It was nice to go somewhere and be tourists on an actual vacation. We ate at delicious restaurants, got a tour of the Pentagon, visited the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, as well as, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. We met famous people, visited a majority of the national memorials and monuments, and I even got to see an old college friend. We are already planning on going back for a follow-up vacation when we get the chance. It was Kris’ first time in D.C. so I’m happy he enjoyed himself!


On our way back to Chicago we stopped in Indianapolis to visit our friends the, Wilcoxs. We were able to meet their beautiful new addition to their family, Averie, as well as see her beautiful sister, Alanna, again. We were even able to see Alaiya’s memorial in the front room and visit her. (We miss you babygirl) It was a good time as always. Jordyn and Alanna had a ball playing together too. At one point Alanna had Jordyn on the ground with her arms behind her back “arresting” her. In case you can’t tell, Alanna’s Dad, Brandon, is a police officer hahaha. I wish we all lived closer to one another, but even if it was a small amount of time we spent together, it was a great time.


When we arrived back in Chicago we were all beyond TIRED. We had originally planned to hang with friends the last few days, but as it has seemed to become a tradition, Jordyn and I caught colds. (My Grandma and Mom are the real MVPs for nursing us back to health lol) We were out of commission for two of the four days. We did however win tickets to the Chicago Bulls season opener, the night before we left back for Montana, thanks to my awesome Mommy’s nomination, and my friend John’s huge heart. The Bulls won their game and we all won Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s during the game. It’s safe to say we went out with a bang! Lol.


As much fun as we all had on vacation we couldn’t WAIT to get back in our own beds and back to our “normal” every day life routine. Yesterday made an official week of us being back in Montana and I’m already anxious to leave for vacation somewhere else…ha! Thankfully, Thanksgiving is two and a half weeks away, and we’ll have family and friends in town. Followed by Christmas when we’ll have family in town again. Life is great and I can’t/won’t complain.

I dubbed the month of November: #ThankfulNovember and it’s only right I share how thankful I am for our vacation this year. I’m thankful we’re blessed enough to be in a position to take family vacations, have so many people to love/love us, and create beautiful memories together. I’m also thankful for safe travels to and from our many destinations. What is there NOT to be thankful for? Thank you, Lord! 

Brie <3


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