Jamieson Fall Photos 2015

We took our annual Jamieson family fall photos in mid-October here in Montana. In case you are wondering how to get a one year old child and two year old puppy to sit still and smile for pictures the trick is: it’s an impossible request. However, if you’re lucky enough it’ll look like everyone is cooperating in the pictures when in reality you just caught them taking a breather before causing havoc again LOL. But in all of the craziness and the million times we said “say cheese!” it is always worth it for the final results and the memories. We’re going to miss our photographer/best friend, Krissy, so much when she moves next month. Thanks again for so many amazing pictures and memories Krissy a.k.a Sister Wife! We love you so much!

Here is a new peek of my favorite pictures from our family photos 🙂



This last picture is one of my favorites because it is a great depiction of how the shoot actually went with Ares and Jordyn LOL. It also looks like Jordyn is being elevated by Ares tail at this angle. It’s just a great picture over all!

Happy Monday everyone!

Brie <3


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