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Today is the one year anniversary/birthday of my blog. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed writing and sharing stories of my life and family, it has helped “re-spark” my passion for writing all over again. This blog has inspired me to reach deeper emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It has allowed me to connect with people around the world, and even make some blogging friends.

I had become so connected to this blog over time that I made the decision a few months ago to completely remodel the layout, but more so, become more organized about taking it even more seriously. l decided I wanted to not only make it more visually enticing and user-friendly, but I wanted to set personal blogging goals. I came up with the name Jamieson Diaries over the summer when I realized how often I turn to my blog to express any and all aspects of my life. I realized this was my public digital diary to share my personal and special moments with the world. I considered renaming it “Brie’s Diary”, but this blog incorporates, more than anything else, my entire family. Because this blog is about my life, and my family, why not use the name that connects my family together…Jamieson. The other changes I made regarding my blog was renaming the categories to fit more of my personality, commit to blogging more times about more variety weekly, and be more active on social media to spread the word about my blog, as well as, meet and follow other bloggers/blogs.

As I grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, so should the people and projects I put my time and effort into. I pray this next year of blogging brings about more readers who can personally connect to the content, more opportunities to spread to larger audiences, and more love to share with all of you.

Thank you again for your constant support of my blog, and I hope Jamieson Diaries is as fulfilling to you as it is for me.


Brie <3


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