“In A Sentimental Mood”


Happy Music Monday! This is one of my all time favorite instrumentals. I mean, how can you ever go wrong with the collaboration genius of, Duke Ellington and John Coltrane? There is something about the arrangement of this song that screams “cozy fall weather”in my mind. It’s probably because I envision myself walking through a park in, New York, on a beautiful fall day, surrounded by the breathtaking fall colored trees, brisk air, and in a zen state of daydreaming happiness. In case you can’t tell by the details of my vision, it is on my bucket list to reenact this exact daydream. One day. One day soon…

Until that day happens, I will continue to daydream this beautiful scenario in my head, and enjoy every beautiful note in this song which takes me to such a beautiful place mentally and spiritually.

I hope you all had a great Monday. If this Monday ended up being the usual typical Monday, enjoy this song with a nice glass of wine, and create your own special zen daydream perfect for you.

Brie <3


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