Holiday Decor: On A Budget!

Tis’ the season to decorate our homes from head to toe with rotating holiday decor. Or maybe you decorate a little bit. Either way, we all love to see decorations for the upcoming holidays. I seriously look forward to this time of year for the first 8 months of the year, until September finally arrives. 

People always compliment my holiday decor inside and outside of our home. The compliments always make me so happy, but the follow-up comment is people usually think I spend tons of money on the decorations. NOPE. My middle name should be cheap or frugal at this point. I have a motto when buying anything that isn’t a necessity: if it doesn’t have a coupon or ain’t on sale I don’t want it. Every single item I purchase for my holiday decorations is always on sale, or even better, clearance! Clearance is a word that is music to my ears :-). I have found over the last few years what stores are the best for finding the best deals on holiday decor. I make my rounds to these stores every year to see if I can add anything else to my already growing collection of holiday items. I am never disappointed. If you would like to decorate your homes on a budget as well, try out these following stores, if you have them in your area, for affordable and beautiful decor.

big lots.png

Big Lots is honestly a hidden gem among most people I talk to. During the holiday season they always have 40-50% off sales on their decoration items. One of my favorite times to shop for holiday decor is right after the season has ended. They put their Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor on sale for up to 70% off the day and week after the holiday has passed. This is honestly the cheapest time to shop and it prepares you for the following year.


This is honestly my Target. I could spend hours and spend tons of money in this store if I liked to waste money lol. I love shopping at Michaels for all of my crafting and holiday needs because they always have coupons and sales that can be used together. Perfect, right? On top of that, if you are part of the military, teacher, or senior citizen communities, you get an additional percentage off of your purchase on top of the coupons and sales. I’m telling you it’s perfection. You will want to download their app on your phone because they will always have at least one coupon you can use towards your purchase. As with Big Lots, the best time to shop for your items, is during the off-season. Michaels discounted prices are the best.


Ross is a store that shocked me last year for finding cheap holiday decor. Truth be told, they have affordable decor beyond just the holiday, at their stores. All of my outdoor pillows, as well as, my indoor and outdoor themed mats come from Ross. They’re always $5 each too. You tell me where else you will find awesome quality decorative pillows for $5? I didn’t think so. As with the other two stores, buying off-season, is the best time for the cheapest prices.

I told you guys. When I say I decorate for cheap…I meant it! I don’t pay full price for anything I use as decor and it’s all because of the awesome pricing at these stores. I’m excited too because the town I currently live in will be getting a Hobby Lobby next year. Hobby Lobby was my favorite craft store in high school. I’m looking forward to adding them to the list!

Do you go all out with your holiday decor? If so, post a picture below! Here are a few picture of my front porch for Halloween this year :-).


Brie <3



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