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I could seriously watch HGTV and the Food Network ALL DAYEVERYDAY. Watching the shows on these channels make me want to tear my house to shreds and remodel every room exactly the way I want it. And as soon as the kitchen is finished being remodeled, I will cook every dish I’ve ever dreamed of eating, while watching someone make it on the food channel.

I legit log-on to Pinterest after watching a few hours of either of these channels to pin to my “Interior/Exterior Designs” and/or “Recipes” boards. These boards allow me to design my dream home and pretend I’m going to be Chef-girl-r-Brie in the kitchen of my dream home for FREE. Because the reality is, unless you have a few grand sitting in your checking account that you would like to spend for fun, this is the only way to design a dream home from scratch…right now.

One day I will have the money to design a home the way I want it. I don’t even want a huge, extravagant, over the top, mansion. I’m actually quite realistic in what I want in a home. I want a normal sized suburbia sized home, with a wrap around porch, a large kitchen with plenty of cabinet space and an island (for all of my new recipes I learned on the Food network), a large pantry, a fire-place/mantel, garage attached to the house, a guest room, and a decent sized backyard for my child(ren) and dog(s) to run around and play. I’m sure you’re wondering “who in the world wants a large pantry on their list of wants in a home?” But this pantry will serve as where I keep a majority of the stock pile of food, and other necessities, for the “Operation Home(less)ness” organization I plan to run one day. Each room in the house will have a different theme, and be painted a color that matches the theme, because white walls bore me. I want to learn how to garden so I can grow fresh fruits and veggies in my own backyard for my awesome meals I will replicate from the Food Network. I may even hold my own personal versions of the show Chopped while I’m cooking so I can feel creative and expert-like (*rolling my eyes* and saying “whatever” to you laughing at me). I would also like this house to be somewhere on the East Coast because Fall is my favorite season, and who can beat the East Coast in the Fall? It would also be cheap(er) to fly back and forth to Chicago to visit family if we lived on the East Coast.

So as you can see, from this semi-elaborate description I just gave you of my future home off of the top of my head, HGTV and Food Network have ruined me. Well, maybe not ruined me, but it’s made me feel like I’m an expert at remodeling and cooking, which means it could one day make my husband insane. Who knows. Either way, it’s highly likely if I keep watching these channels I may spend money I don’t necessarily need to spend at the moment. Thankfully, we live in base housing and I can’t wreck this house to remodel it. However, in the mean time, I can pretend I’m a chef on the Food Network, and make my family eat my random creations 🙂

-Brie <3



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2 thoughts on “HGTV and Food Network

  1. “Chef-girl-r-Brie”…you totally cracked me up! Anyway, you basically just described everything I want in a home haha 😉

    1. Haha it’s so sad because it’s so true. i think I’m top chef in the kitchen now. And that’s because great minds think a like 😉

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