Happy New Year! 2017: Year Of Purpose

Happy New Year beautiful people! Today is, January 1st 2017, which means we all have 365 days to show the world who we are and what we will do in the year 2017. We’ve all heard the popular phrase “new year, new me” floating around this time of year, and although most of us are tired of hearing it, there is some truth to it. Even people who

had the greatest year of their lives in 2016 are planning to improve on certain aspects of their lives in 2017. We don’t necessarily need to be new people but we can definitely learn new things about ourselves.

I have claimed 2017 to be the year of PURPOSE in my life. Purpose is defined as: 1) the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. 2) have as one’s intention or objective. My goal and plan of 2017 is to do everything with an intention and purpose. There is always a reaction for everything we do, whether they be good or bad reactions, there is a reaction. I want to be more aware of the decisions I make in all aspects of my life and be sure their intentions come from a place of goodness and building up myself or others.

In 2016 I wasted a lot of time making decisions without a clear-cut intention which means there were too many moments of my life not contributing to a purpose or my purpose for that matter. I followed along with the Kwanzaa principles of 2016 and it caused me to sit back and re-think how important my life and my purpose are on this Earth. Fulfilling my purpose and acting with good intentions, directly reflect on my community. My community starts in my home and only grows from there once we look at the reflection of our friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. My plan is to build up my community with purpose this year.

What is your plan of self-improvement and community building in this new year? Whatever your plan may be, always remember, your actions and reactions will reflect on those closest to you. Make sure it’s a reflection you’re proud of contributing to this world at the end of this new year.

Have a happy and blessed, Sunday, everyone!


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