Happy 2nd Birthday, Ares! 

Ares a.k.a Ares Monster turns a whole two years old today! I can’t believe we’ve had this crazy, hyper, lovable, pup since he was 3 months old. Like most fur children he drives us crazy, but we love him to death.  I’m sure his mobile baby sister will have a few hugs for him. (By hugs, I mean trying to grab his paws and his ears while I yell at her to be nice to big brother) Or try to feed him her tube of buttpaste diaper cream. It’s all love, right?

I decided to look up a recipe for “pupcakes” on Pinterest to make him for his big day. I wanted to make him a treat of some sort for his birthday last year, but I was big and pregnant, and opted for the easier approach…we bought him some pig ears. He loves those! Since I had the “time and energy” to make him a homemade treat this year, I did just that. Talk about self control and looking depressed. Hahaha!

I think it’s safe to say this big ole bear of a puppy enjoyed his big day :-). We love you, Ares!
Brie <3


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