Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary to Us :)

Two years ago, today, I said “I do” to my best friend, my husband, Kris. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re living life and having fun in between. When I was younger, I never quite understood what adults meant about time flying as you get older. I am for sure seeing and understanding what they meant by that statement now that I’m a little older.

In two years so much has happened I would need to write a book to talk about all of it. I would have to say, and I’m sure my husband would agree, if we’ve done nothing else “right” in this marriage, Jordyn Denise is proof we’ve done at least one thing, perfectly. It’s interesting how a child makes you love your spouse so much more. Watching Kris with her melts my heart every single time. I don’t think it will ever get old and I am beyond OK with this constant heart fluttering. She is Daddy’s little princess, and he is slowly starting to replace Mommy as the “favorite”  parent. Siiiigh. I’m holding on as long as I can! Lol.

As in any marriage there are the great days and not so great days. If you’re blessed to have married the right person, the great days outweigh the not so great days by a long shot. I never knew I’d want to be with someone, for the rest of my life, who is able to make me SO happy and SO angry. When you say it out loud it sounds pretty crazy, but I promise it works. I was watching the talk show “The Real” the other day (it’s pretty much my favorite talk show right now) while they were discussing gift/anniversary ideas, and one of the hosts, Jeannie Mai, brought up an idea I decided to elaborate on for Kris and I to do this year. She said every year on her and her husbands anniversary, they open up about one thing they would like the other to improve on. I thought it was a pretty neat idea for opening up more communication. I decided to put my own little spin on it though. Instead of just concentrating on the negative, and the other person, we will answer a three-part question. 1) What can your spouse improve on? 2) What does your spouse do that you appreciate and would like them to keep doing? 3) What can I improve on for my spouse? I think these questions will be fun, and informative, because it’s human nature to not really stop and think about these things until they blow up into bigger issues. I figure, why not talk about them and put them out there when we’re both in the right state of mind to have a healthy conversation about it? It’s all coming from love and that’s what matters.

To my husband, here is to two amazing years together. With two years being this great, I’m pretty excited to see what forever holds in store for us.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

2-23-13 Jamieson (1170) 2-23-13 Jamieson (1314)

*Fun fact- those are our wedding bands, in my bouquet, on our wedding day, in the header photo 🙂

Brie <3


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2 thoughts on “Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary to Us :)

  1. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

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