Happy 15th Birthday, Mayacita!

Today is my baby sister’s 15th birthday. I still can’t believe you’re in high school, let alone, starting your sophomore year of high school. The craziest part of all of it is, I still remember you being this big:


Kris said to me the other day while looking at this same picture of you, “I feel like Maya just looked like this..” to which I responded “I’m not sure when her growing up happened either”? While looking at this same picture, I decided to go look at the photo album from this same weekend. I think it’s safe to say much hasn’t changed between you, Kris, and I’s relationship either. It seems to have been the usual me taking pictures as you two act a fool…

KrisMaya collage

You’re the greatest baby sister, and Auntie to Jordyn, we could ever ask for. This is the second summer you have spent with me and it’s always so nice having you around. I love talking to you and seeing how mature you are, as well as, how helpful you are with everything from watching Jordyn to doing chores around the house. You are always looking to lend a helping hand without being asked which is what makes you so thoughtful. I also love spending time with you, because being goofy is pretty much the standard. I mean, who else can take pictures as great as these ones besides us?

Maya Collage

I hope you have a great birthday and I pray God blesses you to see many many more. If anything, you can at least guarantee your niece is going to harass you, as you two argue and love on each other all day long LOL. You two have a special bond that just works, because you know she loves you so much. Driving you crazy and beating you up is how she likes to show it. 😉


We love you so much! Happy 15th birthday, Mayacita!

Brie <3


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