Halloween (Theme Song)

Anyone who knows me knows Michael Myers is my favorite villain/scary movie serial killer. I know, it sounds weird to say I have favorite movie serial killer, but when I say that I mean the Halloween movies are so well done. Michael Myers, although scary and violent, is quite intriguing and mysterious.

However, of all the things Michael Myers is in the Halloween movies, the best part of his character is his theme music. See it’s much bigger than the serial killer himself in terms of me liking him lol. I have yet to hear a scary movie villain have theme music as well put together and eerie as Michael Myer’s theme music. John Carpenter was genius when chosing the movie’s theme music because all of these years later, after watching all of the movies countless amount of times, the music never gets old or loses its scary touch.

With this being the week leading into Halloween I felt it was only right to share the theme music with all of you. Enjoy the music and have a Halloween movie marathon sometime this week to get into the scary Halloween spirit!

Have a great (and creepy) Wednesday evening! 😉

Brie <3


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