Give Thanks Anyway

It is the Sunday following Thanksgiving, and lets just say, the holiday didn’t quite go as planned. This year we hosted Thanksgiving at our home. I love hosting holidays in our own home. As much as others complain about being busy, I love the hustle and constant movement during the holiday season. The added bonus- it was little Miss Jordyn’s first Thanksgiving! 🙂 As we had planned from the beginning of November, we would host Thanksgiving, and my husband’s sister and her boyfriend were going to spend thanksgiving week with us. In addition to having them in town, we were also expecting four of our close friends here in Montana to join us for dinner.

Well, two days before Thanksgiving, my husband’s sister found out she would have to work on Sunday. So instead of staying from Wednesday to the following Wednesday, she would stay from Wednesday to Saturday. They were planning to drive from California so they would need to leave early in the morning, a day in advance, to make it back in time. Although we were pretty bummed their visit would be cut short, we were happy we would get to see them at all. Fast forward about 3 hours later, and not only did she have to work on Sunday, she had to be in town for rehearsal on Saturday. Which means, they would have left California in the wee morning hours on Wednesday morning, gotten to Montana Wednesday evening, spent all of Thanksgiving Day with us, only to have to go to bed early to get up in the wee morning hours on Friday to drive back to California, and make it there in time to sleep for a few seconds before heading into work on Saturday. As much as my husband and I wanted to be with them for Thanksgiving, we knew expecting them to deal with a ridiculous driving schedule just to spend one day here in Montana with us, wasn’t fair or safe for that matter. I felt really bad for my husband all night on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday, because I know how much he loves his sister, how much he misses her, and how long he had been looking forward to seeing her for Thanksgiving. Then, to add one more change into the regularly scheduled program, by the time I had finished last-minute shopping for Thanksgiving necessities on Wednesday evening, my husband informed me that one of our friends were not joining us because he had to work as well. In the span of about 16 hours our Thanksgiving guest count had gone from 8 people to 5 people.

All I could think about was how much I would need to change in the amount of food being prepared, and the table set up I had already planned in my head. Then I was quickly reminded of how The Lord works in mysterious ways. Apparently, some parts of Montana were encountering some pretty bad weather, and the Montana Highway Patrol were advising people not to travel on the roads in such terrible conditions if not necessary. In the midst of all my prepping, cleaning, and maintaining a little one, I also realized I no longer needed to set up an additional table, make another centerpiece, or rearrange the dining room area. All five of us would be able to fit at our dining room table, and I actually had a few less things to make me crazy over the next few hours.

Once our few guests arrived for dinner, with their side dishes and desserts, we took our seats, prayed over the food, and proceeded to eat until we couldn’t eat anymore. After dinner, we hung out on the couch watching football games, playing video games, and cracking each other up in the process. One of Jordyn’s BFFs (Amelia) even came over to hang out after her and her Mom had finished their Thanksgiving meal with their family.

I say all of this, because this year I learned (for the hundredth time) that my plans will always be trumped by His plans. Thanksgiving may not have gone how we originally planned it to, but we knew Kris’ sister and her boyfriend were safe at home not battling dangerous snow storms. We also didn’t mind not having as much work to do in the kitchen and in preparation for the day either (haha).  Even with all of the changes we had an amazing Thanksgiving, with even more amazing friends that are our family away from home.

I believe everything happens for a reason. This Thanksgiving taught me a very valuable lesson about life in general. When things seem to fall apart or are not working as I had originally planned..

Give Thanks Anyway.

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Brie <3


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6 thoughts on “Give Thanks Anyway

  1. Brie,
    I absolutely loved this blog entry! Through all of the disappointments you encountered, I’m glad you put your faith and trust in God. It’s times like this where “we” feel disappointed, (as expected), that we realize “His” divine plan is always at work and is ALWAYS the best! It works out for the best, even when we can’t see it. It’s part of the Great I Am ordering our steps, and for that we will always…..GIVE THANKS!

    My beautiful granddaughter Jordyn, knows her Auntie Andye loves her and misses her so much! She’s blessed overall with three aunties that love her so very much, and that’s yet another of the many blessings! I know Kris loves his sister with all his heart, and was disappointed, but just let him know he is still blessed and should give God praise for a sibling he loves so much and can’t live without! They are blessed to have such a close bond as siblings! And yes, that’s another blessing, which time nor distance can change!

    Oh, and did I neglect to mention that I love you and Kris, and it goes without saying that Jordyn has a Nana that loves her more than words can say, and who would go to the ends of the earth for her!

    I’m so proud of you my beautiful daughter, as you prove with time, your wisdom is growing as you grow in the Lord, and He grows in you!

    I love all of you, my babies! 😘😘😘

    1. Awww thank you, Madre! God definitely lets us know who’s in charge if we ever lose sight of it. And He always lets us know it’ll all be OK in the end 🙂

      We love you too!

  2. 1. I laughed about Jordyn already having a BFF. Hahaha. So cuteeee.

    2. I needed this. So many things in my life feel “wrong” but lately I’ve just been giving thanks anyway. God is so good. So good.

    3. Love you, and one year when my bank account is set up right, I’m coming to spend Thanksgiving where ever you are.

    1. 1. Hahaha isn’t it hilarious? Starting her young?
      2. Amen sis, amen! I need to learn to let go and trust God at all times.
      3. I love you too and that sounds like an amazing idea 🙂

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! My daughter is named Jordan, we spell them differently but its still the best name ever! lol.

    1. Thank you so much! Your little one is such a cutie pie too! Something about the awesome name Jordyn/Jordan means they’re the cutest babies, ever! Haha 🙂

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