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This past week, it has felt like Spring, here in Montana. The beautiful weather, the leaves growing on the trees, smells of BBQ around the neighborhood, etc. It has completely gotten me in the Spring mood which means it’s time for Spring decor in and around the house. I decided I wanted to add more of my little one’s artwork for decor around the house so we made a Spring craft last night. 

If you’re looking for an easy, quick, and somewhat non-messy (haha) craft for your little one(s) this is it! My daughter is 2 years old and she loved being able to put her hands in the messy paint. She especially loved spelling and writing her name out at the bottom of the painting (with assistance of course). She learned how to spell her name a few months ago and gets so excited to see it haha. To do this craft you will need:

1 white canvas (any size you want)

4 paint colors (or more and make sure the hand print paint is WASHABLE)

1 large paint brush

1 small paint brush

1) Paint your canvas background whatever color you would like to stick out. I used a light blue color mixture and glossed it with a gold glitter overlay. Make sure you paint the edges of the canvas as well. Set your canvas off to the side to let it completely dry. Depending on what type of paint you use it could take up to an hour. (My acrylic paints took 20 minutes)

2) Once the canvas is dry, pour a generous amount of your washable paint in a paper plate, lightly dip your little ones hand in it, and in a circular motion make multiple hand prints. After you’ve made your hand prints, draw a circle in the middle as the center of the flower. Set your painting to the side and let it dry again.

3) Once the paint has dried add whatever extra decorative details you and your little one wish. My daughter and I added polka dots and her name to the canvas. You can use whatever colors and designs you want. Just have fun with it! This was our finished product. 🙂

Post your little one’s beautiful flower hand print masterpieces below! I would love to see them.

Brie <3


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