California Love: Family Vacation April 2017

We took our first family trip of 2017 to California, last month. This was the first time Kris and I have been back to California in over three years. Not only was this Jordyn’s first time in California, but this was her first time riding on an airplane. To say she loved it would be an understatement. She has been asking every day, since we landed, if we’re “going to get on the airplane.” Every time she asks my heart does a little happy dance, because we all know, not all kids are fans of traveling by plane.

We originally booked the trip to see my husband’s best friend and Jordyn’s Godfather propose to his girlfriend, Zoei. However, Jon is impatient, and he had already proposed to Zoei by the time we got to Cali. Lucky for him he had a good reason to do so haha. However, we had plenty of family and friends to see while we were there. We visited so many places and saw so many people.

We started our trip off by visiting our friends, The Millers, at Vandenberg AFB. Jordyn was reunited with her BFF, Norah, and Kris and I were reunited with one of our couple BFFs as well. Needless to say, it was a great time. Jordyn got to go to gymnastics with Norah, as well as, many other cool places like Pismo Beach, Buttonwood Wine Farm, and SLO Farmer’s Market just to name a few. We all had an amazing time spending much-needed quality time together. I even got to go wedding dress shopping with Zoei where she found the perfect dress for her big day.

On our way to Los Angeles to spend the last week with my sister-in-law, we stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch, and to meet up with Kris’ really good friend, Tim. Although lunch wasn’t our favorite, it was nice spending time with friends, and taking in the beautiful Santa Barbara scenery. Once we got to Los Angeles, Jordyn and her Auntie Andye were very happy to see each other.

The week we spent in L.A. was an extremely busy one. Kris, Jon, Zoei, and I had to opportunity to see Chance the Rapper open his “Be Encouraged” tour, in San Diego. I still haven’t come down off of my concert high. Yes, it was that amazing. Jordyn spent the entire day and night with her Auntie Andye while we were at the concert and she had a great time. They went to Chuck E. Cheese and Sky Jump. I met up with two of my awesome friends, Kasandra and LaCaira, to attend a live taping of The Real. We went to Warner Bros. studios for the taping. It was the first live taping for all three of us and we had a great time.

We spent the last few days being tourists and visiting popular sight-seeing locations. We did everything from going to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Venice Beach, to the Santa Monica Pier. Side note: Venice Beach was a very interesting place and we all collectively decided we don’t ever need to go back again. LOL.

Our last night in L.A. was spent with my forever best friend, Janelle, and her furbaby, Tyson. Janelle and I grew up together in Evanston (until I moved away in 8th grade) and have remained close friends through it all. Even though we don’t get to see each other, or talk to each other often, we always pick up right where we left off. We all know those are the best friendships. She treated us to dinner at an awesome restaurant called, Pit Fire, where one of my sister-in-law’s friends work. He took great care of us. We ended the night at Janelle’s place to meet her 4 month old puppy, Tyson. He is seriously the cutest little thing! Some much-needed girl talk and quality time with my forever best friend was the perfect way to end our trip.

Although this trip seemed to go by fast, it’s OK, because we’ll be in California again this October for Jon and Zoei’s wedding! This trip was much-needed for both my husband and I’s mental health. We’ve been missing family and friends like crazy these last few months. Being so far away from everyone you love can be draining for many reasons. Returning home from this trip I felt completely refreshed and just thankful. Thankful for this life, this love, and even the little things I took for granted before leaving for our trip. Thank God for it all. (For those of you wondering, Jordyn did even better on the trip back. She slept the entire first plane ride, and was thoroughly entertained watching the iPad on our connecting plane ride.)


Brie <3

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