5 Ways To Bring “Spring” To Your Home

 Happy Tuesday everyone! As of yesterday, it is officially Spring time, and I wanted to bring some spring spirit to all of you. Here in Montana we’ve definitely been appreciating the Spring like temperatures after a long Winter of non-stop snow. Even though it’s supposed to snow again next week, it doesn’t seem so bad when you know the end of Winter of near. Spring forward always helps my mood too because it’s nice to still see the sun setting after 7pm.

With that being said, there are a few things I like to switch up around the house, and in my daily routines, to put me in the Spring spirit. I figured I’d share them with all of you in case you are trying to find ways to get into the “spring spirit” yourself. Let me know about your yearly spring rituals that get you in the spring mood!

#5: Deep Clean

Most people like to refer to spring time as the time to “spring clean” their homes. However, spring time is the time I like to DEEP clean my home. When I say deep clean, I mean doing the cleaning we’ve been putting off for months, in addition to the usual cleaning around the house such as: moving the couches to vacuum, shampooing the carpets, cleaning behind the refrigerator and stove, wash/wipe down the doors, walls, and windows, and even have the car(s) detailed so it matches the cleanliness of your home.

#4: Wardrobe Switch

This step is probably one of the most annoying steps to get ready for Spring. Going through my closet and folding up the winter wardrobe to store for a few months, and replace it with the spring wardrobe in the storage bins can be quite tedious. Especially when you have too many clothes (which is usually my case). To make life easier, I combine my spring and summer wardrobes and my fall and winter wardrobes so that I only have to do the wardrobe switch twice a year vs. four times a year. The great part about going through the seasonal wardrobes, even if it takes a lot of time, is taking notice of how many clothing items you don’t actually wear, and being able to box them up to give away to charities who can use the clothing.

#3: Bright Decor

I love dark colors. I couldn’t lie to myself and say otherwise even if I tried. However, even if you’re like me and you love dark colors, you can still brighten your home up putting decor up around the house. We have a dark brown leather couch for example. The color theme in our living room is dark brown, burnt orange, and black. This color scheme is perfect for fall and winter, but not so much spring and summer. To lighten rooms such as mine up, you can buy lighter colored throw pillows, curtains, vases, and even a center rug to switch things up. However, my outdoor decor always matches the seasons. As you can see from my front porch door mat above.

#2: Grill


Who doesn’t love grilled food? I sure know I do. If there is anything that reminds me of spring time it’s smelling the BBQ smoke around the neighborhood. Instead of cooking your usual weekly lineup for dinner, switch things up and throw some chicken and/or veggies on the grill. I even suggest looking up new grill recipes that are quick and easy to make during the work week. I even have a delicious grilled potato packet recipe you can find here.

#1: Flowers Everywhere

This is my absolute favorite thing about spring. F L O W E R S. I am a firm believer that flowers can make the saddest room more cheerful. I like to keep flowers in multiple rooms of the house once spring has rolled around. My tip for buying flowers on a frugal budget, is to purchase flowers from your local Sam’s Club or Costco. I buy the majority of my flowers from there, and they cost under $7 per bouquet. Depending on the flower and arrangement, of course. Another option is to buy fake flowers. I recommend going to Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, and/or Dollar General, to buy your fake flowers. Either way, the flowers you purchase will for sure put you in the spring spirit!

Happy Spring! 🙂

Brie <3


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  1. Mmmm, spring!!!!!

    1. It’s a great season!

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