A Huge Birthday Thank You

Yesterday was my 27th golden birthday. Not only have I been blessed to see another year, but I had such an amazing day of being spoiled by my husband and baby girl. I received a massage, brunch in bed, a family walk, alone time to blog, and a delicious shrimp scampi alfredo made by my chef-boyardee husband. Here’s a picture of my oh so yummy breakfast plate 🙂


In addition to all of this spoiling; my Mom sent me my annual beautiful birthday flowers, I shared food and laughter with my Montana friends on Saturday evening, many loved ones posted special pictures/messages on social media for me, and I received so many text messages, phone calls, face time calls, and social media birthday wishes filled with nothing but love and happiness. Receiving love for my birthday on these platforms isn’t anything new, but as each year passes I learn to appreciate and be so thankful for those of you who take the time out of your day to send so much love my way. We grow up to learn exactly how precious time is in our lives, and for people to chose to spend their time on me means the world.

Twenty-six was a beautiful year filled with more ups than downs, and I can only imagine what golden year twenty-seven has in store for me. In the mean time, I pray and speak into existence this year brings blessings, grace, joy, love, prosperity, and wisdom. Not only for me, but for my loved ones as well.

Thank you again for all of the birthday love. You are all amazing and I love you all!

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Brie <3


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