5 Reasons Fall Is Perfection

Happy first day of Fall, everyone! Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. Despite it being the season my birthday is celebrated in, there are so many great activities and everyday life routines that improve due to it being fall. Today, I will put up my fall decor around and outside of my home, with a huge smile on my face, from pure happiness and satisfaction. If you are one of those people who don’t understand the “hype” about fall, here are five reasons Fall is perfection:

Fall Activities

There are so many awesome, strictly fall activities, to partake in from September to mid-November. Bonfires are one of my all time favorite fall activities. Many people enjoy bonfires in the summer as well, but sitting around a nicely lit bonfire to keep warm in the crisp fall air, while making s’mores, and having a great time with family and/or friends is second to none. Two more of my favorite fall activities is going apple picking at orchards, and picking out pumpkins in addition to all of the other fun activities at pumpkin patches.

Fall Foods

Pumpkin, apple, and sweet potato everything! Fall is not complete without the deliciousness of these seasonal favorites. You know how most people either like pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie? Well, I happen to love both, and look forward to eating a few slices of both pies on Thanksgiving day, and weekend. If you’re a fan of apples, fall is the primetime to hit up an orchard and pick some yummy apples right from the tree, and take some home to make a homemade apple pie or even apple cider. I think I am going to attempt to make an apple crisp of some sort with my apples this year. Stay tuned for more details.

Fall Fashion

Is it even possible to argue about any other season’s fashion that is better than fall fashion? Even people who don’t like fall (yes those crazy people exist) love fall fashion. From the rider boots, to the long sweaters, hoodies and leggings, fall has the BEST fashion. Not only does the fashion make you look and feel great, it is SO comfortable. How can you possibly beat beauty and comfort, all wrapped up in one? Exactly, you can’t.


Although I consider September 27th (my birthday) to be a heavily disputed national holiday, we can all agree Halloween and Thanksgiving are undeniably awesome holidays. On Halloween we get to play dress up, get free candy from our neighbors, attend awesome Halloween themed parties, go to haunted houses, and even make fun DIY (do-it-yourself) decorations (like the minions pictured above that I made two years ago). On Thanksgiving we get to eat seasonal, oh so yummy recipes, mingle with family and friends, watch some Thanksgiving football, and if you’re one of the crazies, go shopping at 2am the following morning on, Black Friday. Oh, and did I mention the fall scents for candles and hand soaps are the best? Your company will compliment the smells every single time.

*However, Christmas is the greatest holiday of all time. It’s in its own league because it’s so amazing*

mother nature

The natural beauty of fall is what really sets fall apart from all other seasons. Have you ever stood in an area full of trees and bushes turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red, and just took in the beauty happening around you? The realization of how astonishingly wonderful God’s creations are around us is a feeling that can’t be matched. To match the beautiful trees and bushes, the crisp air brings a cozy and clean feeling with it. The crisp air makes me want to cuddle up with my husband, and watch movies together while eating a yummy crock pot soup of some sort. The crisp air also tends to make the air smell much cleaner and not so polluted. Who doesn’t love pretty scenery, cuddling and clean smelling air?

If you have never really taken the time to admire the beauty of fall, I hope this post encourages you to appreciate it a little more. Although some of these things may not seem to be a big deal, always remember it’s the little things that add up and become the big things we remember in life. 🙂

happy fall

Brie <3


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