DIY Painted Monster Pumpkins

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s the first Tuesday of October and I’ve been in the Halloween mood since October 1st. It has become a tradition of mine to paint pumpkins as decor for my front porch. 2 years ago I made the popular minion pumpkins, last year I made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this year, after much thinking, I came up with the classic Halloween monsters: The Mummy, Frankenstein, and Dracula. I grew up watching these monsters movies, and figured they would be a lot of fun to do. I contemplated doing the Werewolf as well, but I’m nowhere near as artistically advanced as I should be to accomplish that one. But it’s OK because these three were plenty of work! Lol.

Every year people as me what I used, how long it took, and/or to send them directions on how to make their own. To help everyone out, last year, I started making blog posts with step by step instructions on these crafty pumpkins. This year is no different. You can find the step by step instructions for the DIY Monster Pumpkins below:

You will need these items. They don’t need to be exact brands, but if you are interested, I bought all of the supplies at Michaels, except the huge screws are from Home Depot.

pumpkins .jpg

– 3 Pumpkins (2 round and 1 tall/rectangle shaped)

– Black, Green, and White spray paint

– Black, Orange, Red, White, and Yellow acrylic paint

– Clear glue

– Halloween gauze

– 2 large screws

– 2 black and 1 red 8X10 pieces of felt (not pictured)

– Different sized paintbrushes (not pictured)

Step 1:

Individually spray paint your three pumpkins with each spray paint color. I spray painted mine then let them dry over night in the garage.

(You want to use the green spray paint on the taller rectangle pumpkin. The white spray painted pumpkin will be for Dracula, and the black spray painted one will be for the Mummy.)


Step 2:

I started by painting the first layer of hair and eyes on all of them. This way, while you are painting the hair and eyes on one of them, the others can dry, so you can paint more layers to make them darker. I used about 3-4 layers of paint to be sure the eyes would stand out. You can paint as many layers as you prefer.


Step 3:

Cut your patch of Halloween gauze into thick strips. Spread your clear glue all over your black pumpkin, and wrap your first layer of gauze around the pumpkin. Use your glue to lay down any stray pieces of gauze that still stick out. After the first layer (or two) have been put on, set the pumpkin to the side to dry.

Step 4:

Using your thinnest paint brush paint the eyeballs onto the already painted eyes of the pumpkins. As before, you will need a few layers of these to make the eyes stand out. In addition to the eyeballs, you can paint the smaller details on the pumpkins, such as the eyebrows, Frankenstein’s scars, and the noses.

Step 5:

Go back to your Mummy pumpkin and wrap the remaining Halloween gauze around the pumpkin. Place it to the side to completely dry and this pumpkin is complete!

Step 6:

Paint your black mouths on the Frankenstein and Dracula pumpkins. As you are painting one on the other is drying. I used two layers for the mouths as well. Once the mouths are dry, paint in the white teeth. You can make the teeth as big and as large as you like. Don’t forget about Dracula’s tongue!

Step 7:

Individually fold 1/3 of your black felt and use your glue (I used my glue gun for faster results) and let it dry. Cut your red felt into thirds and glue two of those pieces on top of the black part folded over. Once the pieces have dried, fold them around the back and each side of the Dracula pumpkin to make a cape look around his neck. I suggest using a hot glue gun for faster drying results.

Step 8:

Lastly, using a small sharp knife, cut a very small starter hole into both sides of Frankenstein’s neck, and using the large screws, push them into each side until about 3-4 inches are sticking out. And you’re DONE!

Place your beautiful pumpkins outside on your stoop or even inside your home. You will get compliments from everyone who sees them, and who doesn’t love compliments on their hard work? Post the pictures of your Monster (or non-monster) pumpkins below!

DIY Monster Pumpkins


Brie <3


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