4 Years: 1,461 Days

Today the husband and I have been married for exactly 4 years. You know how people always talk about time flying? Yeah, this is one of those moments. The craziest part about this being our four-year anniversary is how much can change in only a matter of four years. To think of the two 23 year olds who got married in that church in, Evanston, IL four years ago, compared to the parents knocking on 30’s door year olds we are today…a lot has changed.

Marriage is not easy, but life isn’t easy, and truthfully do we ever learn to fully appreciate what comes easy? Marriage has this negative vibe attached to it when people say it isn’t easy, and although I can understand why people would want to run as far away from “not easy” as possible, just like life, it always catches up with you if it’s meant for you. Even in the hardest of days with my husband I couldn’t imagine having easier days with someone else. No matter how easy it may be somewhere else, easy isn’t fulfilling, if it’s easy with the wrong person. Not to mention, easy eventually wears off and REAL kicks in faster than you can blink.

I’m sure you’ve seen the post floating around the internet talking about “love is a choice not a feeling”…please listen to this advice. You choose to love your spouse even on the days you don’t like them. Marriage is making this choice every single day. Since today is #ThankfulThursday I figured I would share why I’m thankful for Kris. I’m thankful I married a man who loves me even on the days he doesn’t like me. I’m thankful I married a man who always works hard to take care of his family even on the days he doesn’t feel like it. I’m thankful I married a man who apologizes when he’s wrong. (It doesn’t come easily though LOL). I’m thankful I married a man who loves his daughter unconditionally and shows her perfectly how she is to be loved in life. I’m thankful I married a man who can make me laugh until my abs hurt or laugh when I don’t feel like laughing at all. I’m thankful I married a man whose love is so strong even when he gets on my last nerve I couldn’t imagine not being near him. Most importantly I’m thankful I married a man who had the good sense to marry an awesome woman like myself. Hahaha….in all seriousness, most importantly, I’m thankful I married a MAN. Age doesn’t make you a man, your character and the way you carry yourself does. Let me tell y”all, I married a MAN

Thank you for being my husband. Even more so on the hard days. I love you always and forever. Although I tell you this to your face, I want you to know I always have you back and if nobody else recognizes your greatness, know I always have and always will. Happy anniversary baby. God willing: here’s to many more! <3


Brie <3


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