3 Years Down: Forever To Go

Three years ago, today, my husband and I said “I do”. This won’t be a super long mushy post, but I wanted to be sure I share with all of you how much fun it is to love someone you’ve been with for almost ten years, more and more, with each passing day. Even when I don’t like him I’ve learned to love him more, because I know it’ll just be another bump in the road that although it takes longer to get to the destination, I get to travel the longer bumpy road with my best friend.

We have had many people tell us how much they admire us and it truly puts the biggest smiles on our faces. We smile because there is no way to explain the happiness you feel knowing you’re inspiring others by genuinely and simply being in love with your best friend. Life doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Today, and everyday, I am thankful to be Mrs. Jamieson. Happy anniversary baby! I love you forever and ever.


Brie <3

[ 02.23.16]

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