So… As you all know, I had a baby a little over 4 months ago. I’ve been telling myself since I was pregnant I would start a strict workout routine once I went back to work. *insert an image of me hysterically laughing at myself* I didn’t even gain a full 20 lbs during my pregnancy, but as you can imagine I’m a little “flabby” in certain areas that I would like to be more tone. Working out takes time and commitment that I sorta kinda am too tired lazy to give.

Then earlier this week, my wonderful friend, Charelle, recruited (demanded) me to be her workout buddy for a “get fit” challenge she discovered. She had her little one last December, and we’re both in the same “trying to lose baby weight” boat. I then decided to recruit (demand) my friend Kasandra to join the challenge with us too. I know, I know, we’re really caring and awesome friends ;-).

The 28 day jumpstart challenge is by Fit Girls Worldwide, and consists of workouts and fairly strict eating habits. Because I love food, and particularly not so healthy food, this is really going to be a challenge. But at least we have each other to help keep the other on track. Wish us luck, and pray we stay on track for the next 28 days, because we all know how easy it is to stray away. If you would like to follow my daily progress, meal plans, and workouts you can follow my brand new, just for the #28DayJumpstart challenge, public Instagram account at “bjamieson88”. I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes and workouts on my blog as well. If you would like to join the challenge- you can get more information at http://fitgirlsworldwide.com But hurry up and do it soon, because the challenge starts tomorrow! (10/27)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Brie <3


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