2017 Goals

We may be four days into the new year, but it’s never too late to share your long time goals, and ask the people closest to you to help keep you accountable. Since 2017 is my year of purpose I’m being intentional in setting my goals and them all serving a purpose of being a better version of myself.

I’ve been physically writing new year goals for the last five years and I’ve noticed the difference it makes in not only writing my goals down, but sharing with at least one of my closest friends. We check in with one another randomly to see how we are doing with staying on track to completing our goals. If we’re not, we have a FaceTime meeting to brainstorm a new strategy to help each other get to the end goal. Trust me, it makes the biggest difference when you have other people holding you accountable so get an accountability partner ASAP!

My goals for 2017 are as follows:

Pay off all credit card debt:

In all honestly we don’t have much credit card debt at all, but I want to make it a point to pay them off, and not use them unless the amount will be paid off immediately after using them. Doing this will help me reach my new goal below..

Credit score of 700+:

Having a good credit score is so important. My current score isn’t even considered “bad” by any means, but it could still be much better. Keeping a good credit score is so important because it impacts most major life decisions and options.

Lose weight and gain muscle:

I used to aim for a specific weight loss goal, but I’ve learned over the last year and a half, my weight doesn’t necessarily reflect the body I want. I want to be healthy and strong. I’ve been lifting weights for the last year and muscle equals weight. So I’m going to concentrate on eating clean and consistently working out. My body goals will happen in due time.

Rough draft of my book:

Not many people know but I’ve always wanted to write my own book. I want to write a children’s book, as well as, fiction series for an older audience too. This is the year I stop talking about it and I actually do it. I will have at least one rough draft of one of these books completed by the end of 2017.

Increase blog and social media by 500+ followers:

Obviously, I have a personal blog, which means I also have multiple social media accounts I use for both personal and blog promotion use. I specifically want to increase my blog followers. Social media is one of the best ways to do so. I have the least amount of followers/likers on my blog Facebook  and Pinterest pages. My goal is to increase all of my social media accounts, Instagram, and Twitter, by at least 500+ followers. The longer term goal is to monetize my personal blog preferably sometime sooner than later this year.

Self care (all around):

I tend to get really caught up doing so many things for my family and around the house that I many times forget to take care of myself the way I should. Most Moms out there I’m sure will more than agree this is the same story for them as well. My goal is to simply do more to make me feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually. I plan to read more books, travel more places, take more baths vs. showers, spend alone time at coffee shops, do activities I’ve always wanted to do, stress less, etc. Whatever it takes to treat myself better is what I need to do more of this year. After all, I can’t pour from an empty cup.

What are your long-term goals for 2017 and who will you ask to hold you accountable? If you don’t have anybody to be your accountability person, contact me and we’ll come up with a plan together.

Here’s to a purpose filled and prosperous 2017 for all of us!


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2 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. Great list! You’ve inspired me. I might just make one of my own. 🙂

    1. Thank you! You definitely should! 🙂

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